Artist Statement

“When I take a deep breath of this atmosphere, rich with oxygen and life, my spirits are renewed and I’m inspired to paint”

In the wilderness, we are compelled to live simply by taking care of the essentials and adapting to the changing weather conditions.  Away from distractions, we are able to connect with nature and to each other.

By being present, I am able to observe and absorb the beauty of my surroundings.  I am moved by thoughts of past generations, life cycles and feelings of serenity. Old growth cedar trees stand as symbols of community, resilience and vitality.

I engage with my subjects through en plein air painting and photography. Through impressionist realism, I aim to capture the essence of the scene without overstating the detail. I look for rhythmic patterns, intriguing negative shapes and ephemeral lighting.

Immersing myself within the landscape while painting also allows me to form a deeper connection.  I am able to record the true colours with my own eyes and pick up on things not seen in a photo.  Each experience is inspiring, challenging and memorable.

In my studio, I use my field studies combined with reference photos to create each original painting.  With my larger sized canvases I want the viewer to feel like they are actually standing within the Canadian landscape.

I hope to foster an appreciation for art and nature through painting while sharing my love for adventure and the outdoors.

Flathead River, Rafting Trip, July 2018
Melanie MacVoy - Gentle Giants